Android Dump Tool Free Download Latest 2024 [Android Rom Dumper]

Hello everyone, this topic which we are going to cover is very interesting and surely going to enhance your experience to explore Android phones. By reading this post, you would be able to create an image of Stock ROM firmware files of any mobile phone and can collect those files into a single file to install those firmware files by using Odin Downloader on your mobile phone. So, you can download the Android dump tool from the link below, and install this on your computer to create an image or copy of the same firmware files which you love to install on another Android phone.

Android Rom Dumper Tool

How to use the Android Dump Tool?

The question is when we got the firmware, the official one, why would you go through this process to install the firmware files?

Sometimes, you see some stock firmware files on another phone, and you love the features of that phone and want to install those files into your phone, but have no official link to those files, so the better way is to fetch that firmware files and install it on your mobile phone using Odin software

You can backup your mobile phone’s entire partitions by using the tool and even can save the entire ROM.MD5 extensions

You need to download the tool from our website; we have already given you a download link, install it on your mobile phone, and connect that phone which you want to copy.

Open the tool connect the phone, and click on the image, and click on the Read data option.

When the reading of the files will be completed, you should click on the Make a Samsung ROM, when you will connect on that, the phone will ask you to provide the name of the file and location, put the name and destination, and click on the dump file option.

When you will do this, your mobile phone will start creating this image of the Samsung mobile phone ROM.

When the file creation will be completed, you need to download the Odin software, this software will allow you to install that created ROM files on your mobile phone.

So, install these ROM files on your mobile phone ROM, install those stock ROM files, and have the same featured and functioning mobile phone.

Remember that, before installing these firmware files on your mobile phone, you should create a backup of the phone otherwise; any wrong step will lead you to a dead or bricked phone.

You even can check whether your mobile phone has rooted correctly or not by using the tool.

Free tool to download, have no need to pay any amount for the services, install this tool free on the mobile phone

And follow each and every step, which I have mentioned above, do it carefully otherwise no burden will be upon us.

Reset the mobile phone or the smartphone via ADB and lots more.

You even can check the root status by using this Android dump tool.

So, tap the download button and get the file, the download link has already been given, if the download link is not working or showing any error, mention it in the comment section.

Download Android Dump Tool’s Latest Version