Download Windows Phone Device Manager Latest Version v1.10.0.0

Download Windows Phone Device Manager Latest Version v1.10.0.0


More About 1044Download Windows Phone Device Manager Latest Version v1.10.0.0


1044Download Windows Phone Device Manager Latest Version v1.10.0.0

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Windows Phone Tools  



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Download Windows Phone Device Manager: Unlike Androids, Windows Phone users do not get the perks of customization and cool tools around. The reason why the facilities differ is the community around the both devices. Androids are highly customizable as the creative geeks make tools that enhance the devices durability and makes the experience worthwhile. Androids can be managed very conveniently over the phone and also over the PC. You can move media files, save backups and explore any sources stored in your phone by attaching it to your PC. You see, managing an Android is all games and fun. But for Windows, the scenario was quite different. Considering Apple’s iTunes and Androids manageability, Windows had to have a tool that makes it manageable like any other smartphone. Like a Windows Device Manager? Oh, Yes!

Windows launched their own Device Manager Tool that allows you to do more than just moving files. The features list is long enough to convince a non-user to become a user. The device is being advanced by the manufactures day after day and its reliability is increasing. The user interface of the Windows Device Manager is quite easy and comprehensive. It allows you to explore your device with complete ease. You can save your backups of any form like contacts, photos or histories. You can have easy access to your mail messages, SMS, Notes, Memos and Call logs. You can get your device’s insights like Storage Capacity, Camera details, ROM and Battery Life. You can save your applications backup data on your PC. Also, it allows you to exchange files from PC to Phone and vice versa. A synchronization process keeps all your phones data aligned with the PC storage.

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It benefits you with so many ways and allows you to surf your phone. It makes your experience more worthy and reliable. It facilitates you enough to keep you stick around. Download the Windows Device Manager and manage your Windows device like never before.

Download Windows Phone Device Manager

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