Phoneboard Tool v1.9.0 Free Download Latest Setup 2024

The Phoneboard Tool is a simple Windows program called Phoneboard that enables you to view the motherboard details of your smartphone on a larger screen. The program is open source and works with many different mobile companies’ handsets. It is simple to use and doesn’t call for an account, unlike its rivals.

phoneboard tool

The ability to see the motherboard of your gadget is its most noticeable feature. This app’s ability to inspect your device’s internal circuitry is implied by its name, and it can be quite helpful for identifying and fixing any hardware problems that may arise. Additionally, it works with the majority of contemporary PCs, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Key Features:

People from around the globe love the tool because of its features. Some of the best features of this tool are listed below.

  1. Repair Phone: Includes boards from iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo!
  2. Side-By-Side Schematics: Click on a pin and Phoneboard will find it in the schematic for you!ยน Schematics not included.
  3. Multi-Platform: Phoneboard has native support in Windows, macOS, and Linux!
  4. Phoneboard is free to download and use.

Supported Devices:

Both cell phones with iOS and Android operating systems can use this tool. It supports roughly 2 Vivo models, 6 Oppo models, and 14 Xiaomi models, to be more accurate. The Phoneboard v1.9.0 utility is also supported by other manufacturers, including Samsung, for about 14 handsets. Phoneboard v1.9.0 allows users to access information from Apple’s iPhone and iPad phoneboards as well. The Phoneboard tool is compatible with 24 different Apple devices.

Download Phoneboard Tool’s Latest Version

Phoneboard_tool_1.9.0 [Windows]Download Phoneboard Tool

How to Use Phoneboard Tool?

The use of the Phoneboard Tool is very easy and simple. Follow me in the below simple steps to know “how to use this tool properly”?

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the tool from the link given above.
  • Once downloaded double-click on the .exe file to start the installation.
  • Now follow the options that appear on your screen to complete the installation.

Tool Requirements:

  • A PC/Laptop having Windows OS.
  • USB Data cable of your phone.
  • Universal ADB Drivers must be installed on your computer.

Use of Phoneboard Tool

  • Start the Phoneboard application.
  • To search for the appropriate device, select Phone or Tablet from the left side.
  • A list of the tools that the tool supports will be displayed.
  • The phoneboard details are displayed when you click on the device name.