Download Universal Android ADB Drivers For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Universal Android ADB Driver Installer Download For Windows:

Download Universal ADB Drivers. Are you finding it hard to get the official Universal ADB drivers to get them installed on your computer? But, did you need to get these drivers on your computer? Are you trying to connect a third-party hard drive to your computer, and that drive is not being recognized, that is what ADB drivers are made for? So, you can get the official Universal ADB drivers from the given download link, and get them installed on your computer to communicate with your mobile phone, to connect a USB drive, and much more with the tap of the finger.

Install Universal ADB drivers

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is the source of software package to make your computer unable to detect third-party storages. Though MTP (Media transfer protocol) can help you in this regard but ADB got more control and performance.

There are two ways to get the drivers installed on your computer.

Either you get the driver from the given download link that we have given to you, and install simply, though we can guide you to go through the installation simply.

The other way is a long way to go a process, and you need to get the patience to go with this.

In this, you need to have a driver updater, which will scan the entire computer, and will update you regarding the missing driver, and with the option to update them you simply get them updates.

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The first was better and simpler….!

Go to the download folders on your computer, or where you have stored the ADB drivers.

The file will be in the zip, unzip the file and get the setup file

Click on the setup file, and install it on your computer.

You have nothing to worry about related to installation, just click on the file and follow the screen commands to get it going.

Now, restart your computer to save the changes what you have just made.

Universal ADB drivers help you in many ways.

Like if you need to communicate with a mobile phone, this helps you. By getting the drivers installed you can share files, sync the data between the computer and the phone, and much more.

Features of Universal ADB Drivers

  • This is the driver that can simply create a bridge between a computer and a phone. By using that bridge anyone can access the files on the computer and vice versa. via
  • ADB drivers are quick installer file, you just grab the setup file and it will get you installed the right package of software to communicate with the computer.
  • It supports almost all Android devices and Android versions plus USB drives. It will automatically detect the drives without any hiccup
  • It detects the manufacturer model, provides you with the basic info regarding the phone, description, RAM, ROM information, and much more.
  • You can sync your phone with the computer, and get some data on both sides of the data cable.
  • You can flash your Android phone; install Stock ROM, Custom ROM without any turbulence
  • Share the internet connection to your computer by using a simple data cable.
  • It simply detects the BITs of your computer and installs the Universal ADB drivers accordingly on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

Download Universal ADB drivers from the given download link, and install them on your Windows computers.

Download Universal ADB Driver All Versions

File NameDownload Link
Universal_ADB_Driver_v6.0Download 6.0
Universal_ADB_Driver_v5.0Download 5.0
Download Universal ADB Drivers for Windows

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