OPPO Qualcomm Tool v1.3 Download 2024 (Oppo FRP Unlock Tool)

OPPO Qualcomm Tool is a free windows application that allows you to Erase FRP, Factory Reset, Unlock Pattern, and Remove User lock through EDL mode, download the zipped file from this website. Then, unzip it on your c drive and run OPPO Qualcomm Tool v1.3.exe from the extracted files folder. Run it in the EDL mode. Your device should now be detected. You can use this tool to factory reset the phone. You can also use the tool to restore the device’s factory settings.

OPPO Qualcomm Tool

What Is OPPO Qualcomm Tool?

The Free OPPO Qualcomm Tool v1.3 is a small Windows application that allows users to unlock their FRP-locked phones. It is also capable of unlocking user locks in EDL mode. Since the tool is created by the GSM team, it is free for all users. Before you download and install the tool, make sure you have installed the drivers on your computer. You will need to disable your antivirus and other security applications to run the application.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10

Despite its name, the compatibility mode feature in Windows allows you to run programs that weren’t designed to run on the latest version of Windows. The compatibility report gives you information on the hardware components that may need some attention before you can run programs on your computer. It can help you avoid crashes or blue screens when running older programs. The compatibility mode is especially useful when you’re trying to run an old program that doesn’t support high-resolution displays.

OPPO Qualcomm Tool Auto Detect your device

OPPO Qualcomm Tool is a free program that allows you to remove FRP, pin, pattern lock, and user lock from your smartphone. The tool can detect and remove FRP, pin, pattern lock, and user lock in EDL mode. It was developed by a GSM resulting team, and it works on any Windows computer. You must have an EDL mode enabled on your smartphone before using this tool.

Unlocks Oppo Qualcomm Devices

If you want to unlock OPPO mobile phones, you can now download the free Oppo Qualcomm Tool v1.3. This small application will unlock your phone’s EDL mode, FRP protection, and factory reset. The program was developed by the GSM resulting team and is free to download. You must install the necessary drivers before using the program. If you want to use the tool, you need to be on Windows operating system.

Optimize your Device Performance

OPPO recently announced the successful testing of a 5G enterprise network slicing solution developed together with Qualcomm Technologies and Ericsson. The solution is intended to be implemented by network operators around the world. OPPO showcased the solution in its 5G Communications Lab. The company worked closely with both companies to develop the solution. Here are some of the key features of the new tool. Read on to learn more.

Download Oppo Qualcomm Tool

File nameLink
Oppo_qualcomm_tool_v1.3.zipDownload 1.3 ZIP

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