Download iTools iPhone English Latest Version For Windows & MAC

If you are an iPhone user, then you would have gotten the idea of connecting the iPhone with the computer. One of the hectic job to do, most of the users, who uses iPhone even up till now do not aware of the fact that IPhone can be connected to the Windows computer. They think, this is the product of its own type, cannot be connected to other devices, and only can be used via Macintosh installed OS. That is not the true face of the story, the true face is you can easily connect your iPhone or iPad or iPod to any of the computer installed Windows easily. To do job is, you should download iTools software, you can say it is a PC Suite for the IPhone.

ITools will easily manage to connect your iOS installed device on your computer, easily you can access all of the data on you IPhone, iPad or iPod.

You should no worries about which iPhone you are using, either you are using S1, S2, S3, S4 or latest released iPhone X, every iPhone model will make a bridge using this ITools software.

The least and last thing you should know that, while connecting your iPhone with the computer installed Windows OS, you have to manage the iTunes. And most of the users find this ITunes very complicated and not control able application. So, if you want an application which can give you all the data available on your iPhone. So, you are going to manage all of the data without of using any iPhone interface.

Features of iTools Download:

One can use this tool as you have already used the other tools of connecting mobile phone to the Windows. Like connecting the phone with the computer, sharing large amount of data from one side of the data cable to the other side, creating backup files, creating backup of the call logs, SMS, mobile phone entire storage and much more. But the vital and important use of this tool, you should say is creating a backup data of the iPhone.

  • Can share big and larger files from one side of the data cable to the other side
  • Can manage and arrange all of your data
  • Can create folders, put the data arranged into that folders
  • Can install updates, official updates from the Apple to your iPhone device
  • Can synchronize data, all the data which is available on your iPhone will be used over Windows computer with just one tap
  • Create backup of the data, all files will be safe and secure on your SD card storage
  • Can send SMS or call to your contacts using this iTools software.
  • Can use it over jailbreak device or without jailbreak devices
  • This application will let you know the entire information of your device, the phone storage, the free space of the phone, SD card storage and much more like that.

These were some features of this iTools software, hope you would like it. Moreover, we have already given a download link to download this application tool. You can tap the download button to get the file. If the link below is not working or showing some errors, please mention it in the comment section.

Download iTools v4.2.6.5 For Windows:

Supported Windows OS:  Windows 10 (32 bit / 64 Bit), Windows 8 (32 bit / 64 Bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit / 64 Bit), Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 Bit), Windows XP (32 bit / 64 Bit), Windows Vista (32 bit / 64 Bit).

Download iTools v1.7.6.4 For MAC:

Support MAC OS X: 10.8 and later