Download Intel Phone Flash Tool v5.5.2.0 Latest Version

Download Intel Phone Flash Tool: Do you want to flash your phone, for more than one reason? Your phone is locked to the only carrier, and you want to use another carrier? Or you want to change the operating system of the phone, want to upgrade or downgrade? Flashing of the phones become utterly important at one step, when the phone becomes dead slow, and you do not know the reasons?

It starting to show different unknown error or just does not work at one point. Flashing is changing the phone’s operating system and of course the data in the phone the information stored in the form of contacts, music, videos, documents erased when we did flashing.

For those who have Intel chipset phone, a very helpful flashing tool, Intel phone flash tool is just a fine grab. The tool provides you with a wide range of features and functions, along with flashing your mobile phone. But, if you are a novice and did not flash the phone before, do not go ahead.

Read about flashing, and read detail information regarding it, so that you might not be ended at the dead end.

Download Intel flashing tool from the given download link, and flash your Intel Chipset smartphones.

How to flash a phone using an Intel phone Flash tool?

Intel flash tool is a simple and effective flashing tool, which offers to flash with just one tap of the finger. You can have a flashed mobile phone, by just installing this tool, and connecting the phone to computer.

Before going further deep, remember, Intel USB drivers are also required before connecting the Intel Chipset phone to the computer.

  • You can have these drivers from the landing website, just head to USB drivers’ portion.
  • And download Intel phone flash tool from the given download link, it is a freeware, and you will get it without paying a single penny.
  • Power off your phone
  • Download the Stock ROM files what you want to flash in your phone, and extract the files on your PC
  • Launch the tool, and just click on the browse button.
  • Upload the files to this tool
  • Now connect the phone which you want to flash using the tool
  • And tap on the blue button of Start to flash
  • You can see the process of flashing with the percentage
  • Within a few minutes you will be done with the flashing, and receive the done message.
  • You have successfully flashed the mobile phone.

Features of Intel Phone Flash tool:

  • The application got the impressive interface and different section to nail your any issue
  • Log level option is the option you need to use if you get any error while flashing the stock firmware.
  • The Inbuilt DFU tool helps you in installing the Broadcom firmware on a device running on the Broadcom chipset
  • The inbuilt driver’s option in this tool helps you to connect the Intel Chipset without manually installing the drivers. But, the feature might ask you to update the driver with a simple guide.
  • It is very easy to use, with just browsing and uploading the stock firmware you can have a flashed Intel chipset phone.

Download Intel Phone flash tool from the given download link and install it on your Computer to flash a device.