Universal Hard Reset Tool 2024 Download For All Android Phones/Tablets

The latest version of the Universal Hard Reset Tool is available you can download it from the link below. Tap the download button and get the latest and official version of the Universal Hard Reset Tool, which will help you in resetting your mobile phone, after locking due to the wrong pattern or forgetting of the pattern. When you forget the pattern lock on your phone and provide the wrong pattern more than three times, your phone will go to the Google Account, you have to provide the entire Google account last log into your device. And if you do not know the Google account’s last login details, you will not be able to get your phone back with the same software.

By using this latest released tool, you will reset your phone lock pattern. This tool will not remove all the data available in your account, nor the software will be changed; it will just reveal the pattern lock or password of your phone momentarily.

By using this tool, you can reset your device, without any risk and danger. You have no need to get extra knowledge or watch a tutorial on YouTube about resetting the phone after pattern lock or resetting your device after lock. Just download the tool from our servers, install this on your computer.

One more thing, you need to install this Universal Hard Reset Tool on your Windows computer. This tool does not have compatibility with Mac or Linux operating systems. So, if you do not own a computer, installed windows OS, you need to find any other way to unlock your phone.

Point to remember:

  • In PC, from where, you are going to reset your device lock, or you are going to install this software, should have installed the .NET framework. If you update your windows regularly, then it might get the .NET framework, if not, then you have to manually update your Windows with this essential.
  • Mobile should be in Fastboot mode before resetting it
  • To get the Fastboot mode and bootloader, you need to shut down your mobile phone, then press power button and volume down button simultaneously.
  • Now, use the power button to select the items listed.
  • Now, move the power button until the option of Fast boot mode selected, and then you will get the fast boot mode easily.
  • Now, connect your mobile phone, which you want to fix, with the PC in which you have installed the Universal Hard Reset Tool and .net framework.
  • You can check your mobile phone basic information, the hardware info, the Android version, RAM and ROZ size and much more.
  • You need to select the option of unlocking your phone, when you will press the button, after some moments, the process will start, and your phone within ten minutes will be unlocked.

The point to remember is, you did not reset your software, and you did not install the new operating system on your mobile phone. You saved all the data, not a single piece of the item will be dismissed. You can use your mobile phone without any tension.

So, you can download this wonderful Universal Hard Reset Tool, from the link below. Tap the download button at the end of this post, and use this tool to unlock your mobile phone.

Download Universal Hard Reset Tool