SmartPhone Flash Tool Download Latest (2024) for Windows & Linux

When it comes to flashing of a mobile phone, it always would be a hot potato. There is no doubt, it could be dangerous if you are careless while flashing or installing new ROM. Smart Phone Flash tool would help you in smooth flashing, and for those who got very little knowledge of flashing would be able to install new OS in their Android phones by using this tool. Flashing of a phone directly changes the functionality and environment of a phone. Download SP Flash Tool Latest Version directly from the link given at the bottom.

sp flash tool

Smart Phone Flash Tool got compatibility with every version of Windows. Either you are running Windows XP/7/8/10; there are no worries about installing this tool. So, the people which have very little knowledge or those who are experts equally can take benefit of this magnificent tool. Just download the tool from our website, and install it on your computer and start fixing your Android phones problem in a while.

Features Of Smartphone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool)

Smart phone Flash tool or SP tool has more than one features, the variety of features are like Icing on the cake. You can flash your phones and besides can do another task like changing IMEI number of the phone, getting software and hardware info of the phone, like this.

  1. It allows you to check and verify the RAM on external memory.
  2. It allows you to flash every Android phone which have Mediatek chipset; there is no limit to specific Android phones or brand by using this tool.
  3. Flash recovery is one of the most used and rated features of this tool, it allows you to recover custom flash files of your MTK based android devices. Simply add the scatter file and get the recovery image and flash it.
  4. You can flash scatter firmware of your MTK devices, install new latest firmware or old will not be a problem at all now.
  5. Delete or format your all scatter files of MTK based devices would not be difficult, just connect the phone to a computer and press the simple button.
  6. But, before using any of the above-mentioned tools, you need to create a backup of your phone. Because, if there is something bad happened you all data will be lost. So, secure your all data and then start flashing your stock ROM or update your firmware.

How To Use Smartphone Flash Tool (Sp Flash Tool)?

The use of the Smart Phone Flash tool is not so difficult; you need to find the official files, which you can find from the landed page, at the end of this page. Install the files on your computer, installed Windows operating system.

Gather all the equipment, a data cable, computer with correctly installed tool and drivers and a device which needed repair, but should be fully charged. Connect the phone with a data cable to the computer. There would be some pop-ups, allow the running of some drivers within your computer. After some seconds, you will see your device name with all basic info.

Press the button, and do the task which you are willing to do. So, there is nothing difficult regarding using of this Smart Phone Flash tool.

If you are finding it difficult to use the software, or any question regarding this post you got, share your views in the comment section and mentioned your question as well. We already have given a download link at the end of this post; you can tap on the download button and get the file instantly.

Download SP Flash Tool For Windows PC

SP Flash Tool VersionLink 1
SP Flash Tool v6.2316-LatestDownload SP Flash Tool v6.2316
Download SP Flash Tool (SmartPhone Flash Tool)

Download SP Flash Tool For Linux OS

SP Flash Tool VersionDownload Link
SP Flash Tool v6.2228-LatestDownload SP Flash Tool v6.2228
SP Flash Tool for Linux

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