PLDT Wifi Hacker APK v1.1 Download 2024 for Android

PLDT Wifi Hacker APK v1.1 Download 2024 for Android


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PLDT Wifi Hacker

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Android Apps  




350 KB

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Android 4.4+

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PLDT WiFi is a network app made by PLDT. That the app helps in different ways to change passwords. You can change the usual password for PLDT modems so that you can get in. This is the best WiFi password of all time, so you can use it with any WiFi password maker. You can run this app on your Android and start using WiFi passwords right away.

How does PLDT WiFi Hacker work?

PLDT WiFi is one of the best WiFi services because it works well and has good results. In the way of good situations and with some ability to fall back on. This app, which is called PLDT, can help you get your password back and use WPA security methods.

This app makes it easy to unlock all of your PLDT-based WiFi or wireless routers. So, you can open the device and go to its properties, where you can change and find the secret codes.

Even if you don’t know the password, it won’t be hard for you to connect and talk to that network service. Let’s look at what the app can do in more depth. All other information, like a link to a free download, will be right on the web page.


The main reason to use the app is to find or change the nearby networks that are available. All of the other important details were written below the lines.

  • Find default passwords that are close to you and within your signal range.
  • All the things are going on at once. You can reach your goal with just a few clicks.
  • The app is very fast, easy to use, and can be used right away.
  • PLDT routers are used in places like the Philippines. So the app works best in the Philippines and in their time.
  • Having these kinds of network connections and being close to other countries can be helpful.
  • The size is smaller, but it can be used more.
  • Fits all kinds of smartphones with Android running systems, whether they are old or new.

PLDT Wifi Hacker Limitations

You might have to remember just one thing before using this or similar apps. This will only let you connect to networks that only use the usual security protocols.

If this is taken seriously and made harder, you might not be able to do your work. But this is very unlikely. For everyone else, you will get the login and be able to use the WiFi network.

Final Words

Last but not least, you can get the app right from the link below. There is always a live link where you can do this for free. Tap on it, and the download will start right away. After that, open the PLDT WiFi APK file and start putting the app on your Android. In the endotherm, the app didn’t lag or have any bugs. This has to be different for each modem and WiFi router.