Download Nokia Care Suite (2024) Latest Version For Windows 7/8/10

Nokia Care Suite is officially released software by Nokia, to handle all the issues regarding your software problems or firmware problems in the Nokia phone. Nokia Care Suite will catch up with the latest released firmware and update and will install it on your Nokia phone. This is a multi-utility software for every Nokia mobile phone, in past, we had to rush towards Nokia customers and services to handle such issues. But, now, the official released software and updates are available on the Internet, you easily can install any firmware files by using this Nokia Care Suite.

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One more thing, this Nokia Care Suite, got the special abilities to handle firmware issue, but an average person, who did not flash a mobile phone before, cannot use this software. Flashing of the phone is a serious issue; you should get some knowledge from the internet watch some tutorials on YouTube to get awareness regarding the flashing of the phone and then install the firmware file into your Nokia phone. Otherwise, you can get your phone bricked and dead while installing flashing files.

How to use Nokia Care Suite

You just download the Nokia Care Suite from this website; we have already provided you the official link to download it. This is the official file of Nokia Care Suite, provided by the officials, download and install it on your computer. You can install it on Windows only, no compatibility for the Mac or other operating systems.

  • Install it on your computer, personal computer; it will take some moments to be installed.
  • Pick your phone, the dead phone, dead because of firmware not because of hardware issue; the hardware issues cannot be resolved via using this Nokia Care Suite.
  • Connect your Nokia phone, it will show the basic information regarding your phone, the detailed information. Like Software version of the phone, IMEI number of the phone, serial number, production code, MCU version, and much more. So, by connecting it to the NCS you can get the basic information of your phone in a moment.
  • You can software reset the Nokia phone and can change the language of the phone
  • Always check for the latest version of the Software, for Nokia Care Suite 5.51.4.X/2012 is the latest version.
  • If you install the updates on a Windows computer, then it will work smoothly and will directly take you the firmware download, but if you do not update your Window, then it can lead you to download the Visual C++. You can manually download the Visual C++ on your computer, without downloading and installing this, you would not be able to install the official firmware files. You also can find a download link of VC++ from our servers as well.
  • Now, the turn is to download the official firmware files, which is our goal, and then it will download the 150 MB firmware or flashing files to install it on your device, to make your device fresh and new.

This was the only one use of the Nokia Care Suite, there are other dozens of handful use, you can get but the main and core of the heart feature are to install the flashing files into Nokia phones.

As I mentioned above you can download the files from our servers, tap the download button below and get the files, if the link is not working or show some errors you should comment down in the comment section.

Download Nokia Care Suite Latest Version

CareSuiteForStore- CareSuite v.6.134.1513
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