Moto Service Tool v3.0.5 Offline Setup Free Download

Motorola smartphones are quite famous and widely used brand; people love to use the smartphone for this brand. These phones are proved durable, and battery life is more than other famous brands. Last and the least, this brand stands the test of the time in the presence of big brands like iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel and much more in the row.

In this topic, we are going to shed light on the problem what you faces when you hold a Motorola mobile phone and solution as well. So, keep reading the post, do not rush to download the Motoservice Tool which we have already provided you at the bottom of the post.

You can get more than one problem in Motorola phone as you get whilst using the other brands. But, as compare to the others, in Motorola there are fewer tools which help you to get rid of the problems. This tool, Moto service Tool is a great addition, which will heal the wound with the right medicine.

How to use Moto service Tool?

The limit of this tools at which this can marks is unimaginable. You can go through to every problem what you faces while using the phone. You name the problem and there will be the right solution to that.

To use this, first download this from the link, if there is a  zip file, unzip it, and double tap on the setup file, to install it on the computer.

Now, when you have installed it on your phone, pick a data cable. Try to have a genuine one, because, it will connect the mobile phone instantly. And launch the tool on your Windows.

One more thing, Motoservice Tool only works on Windows platform, you cannot have this on iOS and Linux, do not try to waste your time on Linux or iOS.

Now, for example, you want to remove the FRP lock of the phone, Motorola phone you are using. Connect the phone to the data cable one end and the other end of the computer.

There will be pop up on the computer, where you will see the basic information of the device you are using.

Now, tap on the tool, FRP remove the tool, and within no time, the FRP of the phone will be removed and you will be able to factory reset the data with the default setting.

Another issue like phone lock, SIM lock, region or country like will be done in no time. You tap the button and resolve the issue.

Install the official and non-official firmware files on your phone- in the case of custom ROM files, you should have the files on your computer, for stock files this will get the data from the official server of the Motorola mobile phone.

Same in the row of rooting of the phone, but you should have downloaded the SuperSU to use this application to get the root access to the phone. Easily get the rooting access, and have all the application you want to get after rooting of the phone.

One case uses the tool in the Offline mode as well, but for this, there will be little changes on the code of this Motoservice Tool.

Tap the download button to get the files, hope the download button will be working fine, if not then comment down in the section and mention the issue.

Download MotoService Tool v3.0.5