Infinity Box Chinese Miracle-2 RDA/Coolsand v1.05 Latest Full Setup Free Download

The latest version of Chinese Miracle-2 for the Coolsand CPU has been released. Now, you are able to flash your phone by connecting it to the Coolsand CPU. Before this, Chinese Miracle was working fine for every computer but Coolsand, now the bugs have been removed and all the errors have been fixed. By the time, you can download Chinese Miracle-2 RDA/Coolsand, from the link below, which already has been updated to the latest version.

In this tutorial, we would like to tell you about the complete connection of mobile phone flashing via USB through Coolsand CPU.

You know the importance of Chinese Miracle box, if you are quite familiar with this tool, then this is alright. If you do not know the value and importance of Chinese Miracle box, then read next few lines.

Chinese Miracle box is that tool which can fix any issue regarding your smartphone. You can use this tool by installing it on your computer and connecting your bricked or dead phone to that computer.

Either it is IMEI edit, flashing of the phone, installing a new os on the phone, memory edit, software and hardware info, ROM Setting and etc.

So, we were discussing the connecting a Coolsand CPU with Chinese Miracle-2 box.

So, first, you need to download this Chinese Miracle-2 RDA/Coolsand application software on your Coolsand mobile phone. Then install it and install the USB drivers as well, for making a strong connection between the two. Now, turn off your phone and remove the battery of the phone, after this connect the phone with a data cable and connect it to the Coolsand CPU, and turn on the mobile phone by putting the battery in.

It will ask you to enable the USB debugging or phone storage; do not do anything like this.

The phone will be connected to the Coolsand when the option of Open USB download will be there, otherwise, there will be no connection. It will ask you to provide the driver, open USB download will be written on the phone in case if it is going to connect with the Coolsand CPU.

So, if you have not updated the driver or not installed, your phone will not connect. So, before flashing the phone, or back up the data, install the proper USB drivers.

If you would have installed the USB driver, it will directly pop up the option of USB driver in the computer device manager, you can check it. You can even update the driver by going to the Miracle Box setup, by clicking the update driver option. Only check the USB button and read info button and press the start button, if it is showing the error again, then uninstall your driver again, and install it manually not from the Chinese Miracle Box.

When you will start the button again by updating the driver, it will give you the option of connecting phone with Coolsand Computer.

Now, you are free to do, tap the IMEI edit to change the IMEI, or update the firmware custom or stock, it totally depends upon you.

So, guys download Chinese Miracle-2 RDA/Coolsand from the link below, we already have given a link to download the software. If you are finding no link or error in downloading then comment down in the section, so that we could fix the issue.