How To Recover Lost Data From Android Internal Memory & SD Card Easily

Smartphones have become the vital part of our lives, everyone using smartphones, as they are the best companion. If you are feeling bored or need something to search on the internet, this gadget is always you. We rely on our smartphones every single day. If some day, you found, your all data has lost, that was in smartphones. It can be different reasons for losing data, like if your phone has smashed, or broken screen, black screen, or due to some unknown clicks. We are here to guide you how you can recover your all lost data. You can retrieve all of your contacts, messages, history, files, Audio, videos and even send and receive pictures as well. Follow our post; do not rush around to get full information regarding recovering lost data from internal memory of the Android phone.
How To Recover Lost Data From Android Internal Memory & SD Card Easily
Recover Deleted Data From Android Mobile Phone:

To search a tool for recovering your deleted data is a difficult task when you will start the search, there would be dozens of application and tools. It would become more difficult to select one out of all. To use all of them one by one, will be time-consuming, I want to share my personal favorite tool with you. Android Data Recovery tool is my personal favorite, and very efficient in retrieving all types of deleted files out of your Android internal memory. Though Android phones are not built in method to recover internal data, somehow, the process of saving data of Android is same like Computers. 
Step1: Download and install:
You can download the Android data recovery utility from here, install it on your computer or laptop and connect your computer to your Mobile phone, on which you want to recover your lost files.
Before doing this please enable USB debugging in your Smartphone, otherwise, your computer will not recognize your device.
Step 2: Scan Android phone:

When you will connect your phone to that data recovery software, it will automatically detect your phone. Click on Ok when it asks the Allow USB debugging, and click on start button to start the scanning, it will take some time to scan of your phone, be patient, and also take care of your battery, if the battery is not more than 20%, connect it to the charger.
Step 3: Select Type of data:

Now, it will ask you, which type of data you want to recover, for example, there are forms of data, Audios, videos, call history, contacts, gallery, like that. You can select any one type if you want to fetch it quickly, and if you want to recover all type of data then click on next button.
Step 4: Select files:

Now, it will give you all of your deleted data, but still, you can select the data which you want to recover, for example, there are thousands of images, you can select one by one and all to retrieve. Same with videos and Audio files select them one by one or select the all given. When you click on the recover, it will start recovering of your data, though if your files are heavy, it can take hours to recover. But, it will work to retrieve all of your deleted data.
This was the little guide of How to recover lost data from Android internal memory; you can see here, more interesting post like this. Keep visiting our website, for more information; do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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