GB Instagram APK v9.0 Free Download Latest Version 2024

I am pretty sure that you must have been familiar with GB WhatsApp but have you ever heard about GB Instagram? If yes then good for you but if you haven’t heard about it and want to know about it because probably that is why you are here looking for it. In this article we will be discussing the GB Instagram app, for that, you just need one thing, just a single thing, can you guess what is it? yes, you guessed it right, an Instagram account, you should have your Instagram account if you have one then great but if you do not have one that’s fine too because you can make one easily it is not a big deal. firstly I will give you a brief Introduction to the GB Instagram APKthen we will see its features and lastly and pros and cons.

What is GB Instagram?

GB Instagram apk is an unofficial modified version of the official Instagram app, this unofficial version has far more features than the original official version. since here I am supposed to give you a brief introduction to this app so I must not dive into the features of this app, we will look at the features of this app in detail in the next part. GB Instagram though an unofficial app but trust me it works exactly like Instagram or I must say more effectively than Instagram itself. now let us look at the features of this app in Some detail.


Hide Story:

In this modified version of Instagram, you can hide your stories from anyone, the original app does not offer a hide story feature, it has only the close friends option but not the hide story one, so here in this app you get both options.

Download Images and videos:

The official app of Insta does not allow users to download images and videos whereas through this app you can download images that means now you do not have to take screenshots or screen record videos anymore because now you can download images as well as videos using this app.

Use Multiple Instagram Accounts

You know it’s hard to manage multiple Instagram accounts on one smartphone. You must log out first to log in to another account. Gb Instagram lets you manage numerous accounts without signing out. Just”Add Account” in settings. Another account login window will appear. Log in to finish.

Auto Translate

Gb Instagram’s auto translator lets you easily translate posts and messages into your native language.

Hire your online status

Instagram lets friends see you online. It’s frustrating when you don’t want others to know you’re online. GB Insta will allow you to hide your online status. Once the option is enabled no once can see your online status.

Copy captions:

The other very interesting feature of this app is you can copy captions of other people’s posts using this app while on the other hand, the official app does not allow you this.

Customize the app:

You can also customize this app, you can change the theme and backgrounds of this app, change the chat colors, and many more things so now your insta won’t look boring like other people’s insta just if you download this app so what are you waiting for download the app now and enjoy.

More Benefits of GB Instagram

  • Free of cost
  • Copy bio
  • Star messages
  • Translation feature available
  • Easy to use

Pros and cons:


  • It is far more interesting to use than the official Instagram app
  • It does not charge you anything, it is completely free of cost


Unofficial app:

though this app has a lot of amazing features you need to keep one thing in mind and that is, it is an unofficial app, that means there are chances that your account might get suspended which happens once in a blue moon but it may happen because you are using Instagram through unofficial sources which is unacceptable and it violates the laws of Insta.

Not available on the play store:

As I mentioned that this app is an unofficial app so as a result this app is not available on the play store so you have to download it from 3rd party source.

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In conclusion, GB Instagram provides users with exciting additional features and customization options for their Instagram experience. However, it’s important to use it responsibly and be aware of the potential risks associated with third-party applications. Prioritize the security and privacy of your account when using any application.

This was the detailed introduction to the GB Instagram APK, if you want to download this app then click on the download button on this page and have fun.