Free Fire Auto HeadShot Hack APK Download 2024 for Android

Check out this app if you’re looking for something different in the game world. You can play games as a pro player with the help of this app. Get ready for a new kind of free-fire game. If you like shooting games, you will have a lot of fun with Free Fire fast headshots. The multiplayer game Free Fire is getting more and more famous every day. The newest features of these apps will really impress gamers, and they don’t have to pay a dime to use all of the cool ones.

What is Free Fire Auto Headshot?

free fire auto headshot

One of the best Android games is Free Fire auto aim. This auto-headshot in Free Fire is the most realistic gun action you can get. You have precise control over the fire rate and rate of fire, the shooting mode, and how the trigger works. It will let you play the most recent parts of the game.

This game will blow your mind because of how great the graphics are and how real the physics are. Players put in a lot of work to get the newest skins and aimbots because they know it’s not easy to do so. So, if you want to enjoy its new features, then download it and enjoy. It’s like the Free Fire Auto Headshot Config File, but it’s an Android app that works without any problems.

Key Features of Free Fire Auto Headshot hack:

The new Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack APK is more powerful than the older version. It has loads of new and cool features added by the developers.. For starts, the new model has a new trigger pull that is faster. This means that players can shoot more shots at a faster rate. That means the player has more control over his or her shots.

Headshot on auto

So the most important thing about this app is that it lets you auto-headshot in Garena free-fire mode. But this works properly in the new Garena Free Fire ob36 update as well.

Med-kit running

If you get knocked down, the med-kit lets you get up and move on to the next stop. A great addition to any FPS.

Fake username

The new Free Fire auto headshot includes a fake username. This is cool because it gives you an extra layer of privacy.


Walls It means you can break all of your opponent’s walls. Even when they aren’t looking. If you break down their wall, they will break down yours too.


So it can kill enemies whether you are using the first-person or second-person view. You don’t have to reload the gun because it can shoot forever.


You can’t teleport into a room where another player has already done so. He has to leave first, so you have to wait.


You’ll feel like you’re playing a real game with the Free Fire auto headshot. You can change the way your tools look.

Rapidly shooting

With the Free Fire auto headshot, you can fire up to 60 shots in less than 3 seconds. Even if the gun your opponent is using is fully loaded.

HD mod

It adds a lot of features, like a fast update rate that lets you see how your shots turned out right away.

ESP Hack

It gives you access to a lot of the game’s ESP tools, like Esp. name, Esp. and Esp. Line, etc. This gives you several features.

Latest skin

The new skin gives you weapons, new outfits, new sounds, and new game modes!


This one lets you move forward or backward and aim and shoot in any direction.

Drone view Hack

It’s a great tool that should be added to all of the future versions of auto headshots: Dangerous. There are now many choices on the Garena menu, such as “Reports clean” and “Reset Guest settings.”

More Free Fire Tools:


There are many parts to this game. With this free-fire, automatic aim app, you can hit your opponents directly. It is really fun to play and very addictive. It has a lot of changes. You should definitely play the Free Fire auto headshot APK game, which you can get by downloading it. So, get the new auto headshot injector app to have some extra fun.