How To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-1545

How To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-1545


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1659How To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-1545

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Rooting of a smartphone is like to unlock the operating system of the phone, and to make it able to install the desired applications, remove unwanted and default settings, to install the applications which were not able to install the previous version. The concept of rooting is taken from the Linux operating system. In Linux also users have the authority to change and to customize the software in the way he/she want. So, in a simple way rooting meaning getting Super use in your device, there is thousands of the Android operating system nowadays available, every Android OS has its own way to Root a phone. But, here we are going to tell you How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-1545. So, you need to root your Samsung mobile phone.

Gather the equipment:

The equipment that required winning this battle is?

1) One computer installed Windows or Mac operating system, with proper USB drivers, which could recognize your mobile phone brand

2) One USB data cable, which will be good if you have the genuine USB data cable of your mobile phone which you are going to root.

3) Root package, this is the only thing you need to download accordingly your mobile phone brand and model

4) One software ODIN that will help in rooting your device

5) And battery more than 30% charged

So, these were the things you need to gather before rooting of your smartphone.

How to root Samsung Galaxy smartphone:

As I mentioned, the only thing you need to download is Root package. The root package specific to your smartphone, to download this you need to visit the official CF auto root website. On this website, you will find almost all root packages of all Samsung brands about 400. You need to know the model of your phone and OS.

How to know the model and OS of the phone:

  • To know the model of the phone and the OS, you need to tap on the setting of your phone. Then tap on More, and about of the device. From that page, you will see the model of the phone and OS, in my case, I am going to download the root package for Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-1545, and my OS is 5.01.
  • Now you put the model number of your phone in the search bar of CF auto root package website. And download the root package; it will be in zipped form, so unzip the file to the desktop.
  • Now, the next step is to install ODIN software, this software is also included in download folder which you had unzipped. So, double click on that software, and allow all the permission required to install the software on your computer. This software will also install the required USB driver to connect Android device if not available and installed on your computer.
  • Now, launch the ODIN software, and the in front of a box just tap once.
  • Now, you need to prepare your Samsung device ready to root by putting the device in the download mode.
  • For this, first shut down your phone completely, and then press the home button+ Volume down button+ power button simultaneously. After that, a screen will appear there press the volume up button after seeing this screen. Now, your mobile phone has gone into download mode, you are going to root your device now.
  • Now, connect your device with a data cable which you arranged before, one point with the device and another point with the system in which you already have arranged everything.
  • When you will connect the device to the ODIN it will automatically recognize your phone, now you got the option of Start, reset and exit.
  • Press the start button to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-1545.
  • Do not play with your phone while this is in rooting mode, otherwise, your phone can be bricked while rooting process.
  • Within some minutes, you will see some reading appear on your mobile phone screen. And after that, you will see your phone start launching the OS. Now, you can see your rooted phone with Super use option there.
  • You have rooted your phone successfully, and you can check it with any third party software like Root Checker Basic, which will tell you either your phone has been rooted successfully or not.

This was all about rooting of the Root Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-1545, if you are finding it difficult to follow any step, you can comment down in the comment section.