HalabTech Tool v1.0 Free Download 2024 Latest Version

The Halabtech Tool allows you to flash phones. It has a simple interface and clear instructions. It is also safe and secure to use. It supports almost all Huawei phones. Before installing the tool, be sure that you have enough storage on your computer. Moreover, you need to ensure that you have downloaded Huawei USB Drivers for Windows.

The HalabTech Tool can be downloaded from the internet for free. It comes in different versions, and you can download any version you need. Once downloaded, connect your device to the computer using Download Mode, EDL Mode, or ADB Mode. Once connected, run the app on the computer. Once the app opens, you can perform a variety of tasks, including flashing, unlocking, and repairing your device.

The HalabTech Tool is a free, one-click mobile repair tool. It can unlock bootloaders and remove screen locks. It also supports multiple brands and can help developers work on their Android devices. It can also enable DIAG new devices, wipe data, remove FRP, and reset the Mi accounts. The software is compatible with most Android smartphones.

Features of HalabTech Tool


  • ADB Mode
  • Read Info
  • Reset FRP (ADB Mode)
  • Reboot To Normal Mode
  • Reboot To Recovery Mode
  • Fix Flash Error
  • Erase Frp Lock
  • Active Lang (No Root)
  • Add Arabic 6.x-7.x-8.x (No Root)
  • Enable All Lang (Root)
  • Reset Lock (Root)
  • Reset Lock Halab Tech Device
  • Remove Security Notice (No Root)
  • Remove Lock Screen By ADB (No Root)
  • Samsung With Normal Mode…..
  • Read Info
  • Reboot To Download Mode
  • Factory Reset

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Samsung Repair Tab

  • Repair SN (Root)
  • Disable Factory Mode (Root)
  • S_Health Knock Fix (Root)
  • Reset EFS
  • Fix IMEI Null (baseband unknow) 
  • Active diag
  • Stop RMM (Root)

SPD Features…….
Repair IMEI
Exynos Features…..
Read EFS
Fix drk (uart)

Qualcomm Features…..
HTC Features……..

ADB Mode
Read Info
Reset Frp Adb
Reboot To Normal
Reboot To Fastboot Mode
Reboot to Recovery Mode
Active Lang (no root)

HTC Fastboot Mode Features…
Read info
Reboot RUU
Frp Fastboot
Write IMEI
Relock Bootloader
Reboot Normal (OS)
Reboot Bootloader
Reboot Fastboot (non-Adb)
Reboot Download Mode
Unlock Bootloader
Flash Rom Zip

HUAWEI Features…..
Huawei Normal Mode-Adb Mode Features……
Read info
Reset frp adb
Reboot to normal mode
Reboot to fastboot mode
Reboot to recovery mode
Remove Demo (no root)
Active Lang (no root)
Enable All language (root)
Mtp Mode Frp …..
Active adb
Reset Frp

Huawei Fastboot Mode Features…….
Read info 
Relock Bootloader
Frp fastboot
Check bootloader
Reboot fastboot (non-adb)
Unlock Bootloader
Read info build-number

App Manager Features……
All apps
System Apps
User Apps
Disable Apps

HalabTech Tool Official Description

HalabTech Tool 1.0 Version

– New Way to flash eng modem (ADB –> Rooted Device)
-new features in android tabs
-update France language
-restore original IMEI for some phone Qualcomm devices
-update RMM Remove For new security (J400F U4 — J600F U4 … Etc)


-add to flash root for 8 and 9 versions of android for all Huawei phones
-add enable languages without root
-update remove demo without root
-patch for android 9 version
-relock bootloader
-check phone status


Add (Read -> Backup) For System.
Wait for Us for the new coming Hot Update

Download HalabTech Tool (All Versions)

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