Download BlackBerry Link Latest Version For Windows PC & Mac

Download BlackBerry Link for Windows PC and Mac: Blackberry Link software is the application from the Blackberry official which makes your Blackberry 10 device to the computer.

It was previously known with the name Blackberry desktop software or blackberry desktop manager. There were dozens of loopholes in the previous version; the interface also was a complete mess. But, with this Blackberry Link software, there is something to cherish for the blackberry users. Now, the users can easily communicate with the computer, and more than that, can share files or create a backup of the phone with just one tap of the finger.

What is Blackberry Link software?

You can say this software as the blackberry PC Suite, which makes the blackberry users manage their mobile’s data on a computer or organize the files.

So, blackberry made Blackberry desktop manager software initially, was the complete disaster.

People could not get the right from that software, though was the only way to communicate to the blackberry phone officially.

But, the updated version came out of the blue and offers tons of advanced features to the Blackberry 10 device owners.

How to use Blackberry Link software?

The black screen interface of this software is lauded wholeheartedly by the critics.

The taps were open, the navigation was simple and clean, above all the advanced features were put under one ribbon on the left side.

  • You need to download the software from the given download link.
  • No worry, you will not be paying any amount to anyone to use the resources of this application.
  • Install it on your computer; just follow the screen command to get this done.
  • And launch it on your phone!
  • Connect your Blackberry 10 device to the computer using a data cable.
  • Keep in mind the data cable also can make you face errors, grab the genuine data cable
  • And now you see the computer recognize your phone, and it is showing the basic information of your phone.

Now, it is in your hand, do what you want to do….!

Features of Blackberry Link Software:

  • The main interface of the blackberry Link got the traditional dark theme with injected all Blackberry apps in the dashboard.
  • The left side of the application holds the advanced apps and features, and you can enable those advanced features and showcase those in the main screen.
  • Content management holds the vital importance in a PC Suite; same in the row, in this software, the content management is the first priority of the developers.
  • You can manage the content, can share the files and folder from one side to the other, and can organize the files and folders
  • You import/export videos, images, music, folders, files and other important data.
  • Backup and restore is the second most important feature of this tool, which allows you to create the backup copy of the data and save it to your disk or cloud storage.
  • Backup distribution adds the cherry on the cake; you can create the backup of each file and folder separately like contacts, images, apps, videos, music, and others.
  • The software has become very easy to use, you can install apps from there.
  • Install the updates to the operating system of your Blackberry smartphone.

So, download Blackberry Link software from the given download link, and install it on your Windows computer.

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