BBSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) Tool v1.9.2 Free Download

Blackberry has been one of the leading smartphone brands when it comes to security and privacy. It never compromises over security; either the officials of a Government would like to know. BBSAK stand for Blackberry Swiss Army Knife and you can say it Blackberry PC suit. The flexibility and freedom this tool offers match with no other PC suite; it should be called more than a PC suite.

You can download BBSAK Tool from the link below, and install this on your computer. You can install this software on Windows and Other Operating systems like Linux, Macintosh. There is no compatibility issue regarding this software. And for the Windows, there were some bugs for connecting some version of Windows like Vista, but now it has been removed. BBSAK Tool will now work fine for every OS, just tap the download button and get the file.

The worth mentioning a feature of this tool is backup and restore data tool, with just one tap of the finger, it can back up your data and with the same tap of the finger, it can restore all of the data.

So, all blackberry phone data will be saved in this tool, you can have this for the effective backup of the phone.  The main Windows of this tool will provide all the guidelines to complete the backup process with some videos and slides.

The other core of the heart feature of this tool is installing the new OS on your Blackberry phone. You can install the original blackberry software and if are not satisfied with the newer version, you still have the chance to come back on the older version.

The applications and games which are not in the Blackberry World store can be found here, this will give the chance to search every application you like. So, it would be like to have a new App store with the PC suite and backup restore software, all in one package.

This BBSAK Tool can completely wipe all the device data, you sometimes annoy with the all the fuss in your phone, and deleting all the data one by one can be boring and difficult, so tap with the finger and delete all the available data will make you satisfied with the software.

So, sending data from one side of the cable to the other side of the cable is nothing for this BBSAK Tool. As it has given more than what you require, you should use this application software, if you have a blackberry cell phone.

All the application which has been installed on your phone which has lots of your important data, you can create a separate backup file for all the applications.

Syncs of the data, on the other hand, is most useful and rated feature of this tool, you can sync all the saved data from one device to the other device.

The contacts, the bookmarks, browsing habits, browsing search engine and much more can be sync with using this BBSAK Tool.

So, hurry up and download this BBSAK Tool, install it on your personal computer, and start using this for sharing the data and creating a backup of the device for managing and arranging the folders.

Download BBSAK Tool v1.9.2