Android Image Kitchen v3.8 [Unpack/Repack Kernel+Recovery+Images]

Android Image Kitchen is a program that lets you edit, unpack, and repack boot and recovery images. It allows you to edit the files using your favorite text editor and other tools. It also replaces the original files with the appropriate file permissions. The program is ideal for testing boot and recovery images.

img kitchen

This app is compatible with Android mobile devices, as well as PCs, Macs, and Windows computers. It also runs on various Android emulators. In addition to the mobile platform, Image Kitchen for PC is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. To install Image Kitchen for PC, you can use any Android emulator.

What is IMG Kitchen?

Android Image Kitchen is a free tool for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android that allows you to Android Image Kitchen [IMG Kitchen] Unpack/Repack Kernel+Recovery Images, and Edit the ramdisk.

Android Image Kitchen Instructions

  1. Unzip.
  2. Either use the command line “unpacking “, or simply drag and drop the image. This will split the image and unpack the ramdisk to a subdirectory.
  3. After the ramdisk as you like.
  4. The repacking script requires no input and simply recombines the previously split kernel with the newly packed modified ramdisk using all the original image information (which was also split and saved).
  5. The cleanup script resets the folder to its initial state, removing the split_img+ramdisk directories and any newly packed ramdisk or image files.

There are a few optional, advanced command-line arguments for repacking: “–original”, which will cause it to repack using the original split ramdisk instead of repacking, this is useful for testing or trimming dumps; “–organize”, which will cause it to repack then pad it to the size of the original image, this is useful for repacking dumps to then be fastboot flashed; “–level” with 1-9 and possibly 0 allows changing the compression level used to repack to more closely match the original; “–avbkey” with (optionally path and) a keyname allows changing from the default AOSP verity key; “–forceelf” to attempt to make an older unpacked Sony ELF file repack as an ELF.

All scripts also allow unpacking/repacking with the current directory instead of the AIK directory if “–local” is the first command-line argument.

Supported ramdisk compression formats in the *-ramdiskcomp file are gzip, lzop, lzma, xz, bzip2, lz4, lz4-l (for lz4 legacy), cpio (for uncompressed), and empty (for no ramdisk).

Usage is similar for the Android and Linux versions, again, just review the release notes for them.

Hopefully, this is some help to someone. It’s been extremely useful for me in my messing around with kernel ramdisks, which is why I created it in the first place.


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Download IMG Kitchen [All Versions]

IMG_Kitchen_win v3.8WindowsDownload AIK Win32
IMG_Kitchen_Mobile v3.8LinuxDownload AIK Linux
IMG_Kitchen_linux v3.8AndroidDownload AIK Android