10+ iPhone Secret Codes List 2024-You Must Know

The best collection of iPhone secret/hidden codes 2022. Today in this article we are going to discuss about secret codes of iPhone.The secret dialer codes is also known as short codes, pound codes. In this post we have managed the best 10 secret codes for iPhone. The list of iPhone secret codes is given below.

iPhone Secret Codes List:

Function Code
Enter Field Test Mode *3001#12345#*
Check IMEI Number Of Your iPhone *#06#
Make Anonymous Calls From Your iPhone *67XXXXXXXXXX
Show Your Number On Caller ID *82XXXXXXXXXX
Call Directory Assistance 411
Call Customer Service 611 (*611 also works on Verizon Wireless)
Get Local Traffic Information 511
View Your Data Usage *3282#
See Where Your Text Messages GO *#5005*7672#
Give Yourself A Unique Name To Call **63 aka **me
Call Emergency Services 112


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